Can we not laugh at ourselves

The whole situation with Spike Lee constantly calling Tyler Perry’s work bafoonery is age old. I think it stems from the fact that both post slavery and post colonialism people of African descent were ridiculed in all forms of acceptable public entertainment. You had the blackface white teeth red big lips and watermelon. The golliwog dolls which still exist today and whose owners defend it. Robertson’s Jam only retired their golly pictures in 2002 which they said, was due to lack of popularity and not due to political or social criticism. It always put me off buying their products. 
Spike Lee has made some truly amazing films and Bamboozled is one of them. Except I fail to see where Tyler Perry is bamboozling us. My uncle used to to say the same thing about the show My Wife and Kids.  He just could not take a show seriously were we mocked ourselves. This issue is definitely a community one that crosses borders and will divide people.
I personally enjoy films by both director/actors. Perry’s film tend to have a Christian message in them too which is a bonus.  I just wish Tyler Perry films were more accessible in the UK. After all have you seen what the community is thrown out of the woodworks lately. So Spike if you want to complain come to the UK. 
Tyler Perry will keep making films and TV shows for what his audience want to see. If any director does not like what is on offer they should make the alternative. If I had the resources I would make some truly amazing films based in Jamaica and the UK. In the meantime I will make do with what is on offer and if I do not like it I will not watch it. Check out Tyler Perry’s response to Spike Lee. Funny enough he uses a saying by Madea to emphasise his point
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