Virgin Media Broadband is doing my head in

No seriously they really are. I have been having connection problems for months but just ignored it till now. It is like I just cannot get online consistently. I called technical support. Was taking through the usual fix that I did how many times already. Basically you switch off the modem, switch it back on and its supposed to solve the issues. It does not work. So then the overseas call centre operator tells me ‘oh that is quite bad ‘ you need an engineer. Then by way of a miracle it starts working before the engineer comes by. Then it stops working again. So after telling them I am leaving they are like oh we have this broadband specialist that works miracles etc. We will see. As much I really do not want to leave I think I might just have to.

Unless I can haggle down the cost. But this beyond a joke.

Update(29/4/09): Virgin Media’s chief executive office contacted me with a solution. They found me and called and for that I do thank them for taking the time. Now we will wait and see what happens. Fingers crossed !!!! The funniest thing is that I was actually considering writing to them and they beat me to it.

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Hi Lushes Brown,

    I understand from your blog you are experiencing an intermittent broadband connection. You say you have already spoken to our technical support team on a number of occasions; however each time our technicians call no fault is apparent. I’m really sorry to hear about this and for any inconvenience it may have caused. I have tried to contact on your mobile telephone. However, I’ve been unable to speak with you personally.

    I have located your account and completed some further diagnostics. I am please to say I have located what I believe to be the route cause of your intermittent connection.

    Once again I am very sorry this matter was not resolved initially. Virgin Media really do value your custom; I would like the opportunity to put things right for you.

    Please can I request you contact me directly on the number I have provided via your mobile voicemail.

    Kind Regards

    Virgn Media

    April 29, 2009 at 11:49 am
  • Reply wealthyandhealthy

    Funny how a threat of leaving makes them pull their finger out!

    I must say, I have no trouble with my o2 service. The fact I managed to haggle and get a years free service as I’m such a ‘valued customer’.

    May 2, 2009 at 2:54 am
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