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Okay so now I am making progress with my hair. I have discovered many natural hair sites. Some of them are whereby all talk of chemical treatments is met with harshness. The site is strictly pro natural. Also other sites . Another site which is not just about natural hair but caters for all types and style choices of black hair and beauty is .

The other day I spoke to my aunty . I told her I was going natural, which she is already, she said many girls in London are going natural. I find my hairdresser pretty much pro relaxer. Though now they except some what that I intend to grow the chemical ends out. They suggested that I come back every two weeks for treatments. I cannot afford to do so. A sister has bills to pay. Plus I can always slap conditioner on my head and go in the bath or steam room at the gym and get the same effect.
Today I was meant to put my hair in single extensions by myself, but a combination of me babysitting from the night before to getting the small things done meant it just was not gonna happen. So I have rescheduled for next week Thursday and good Friday. I cant wait. I have bought bags of hair.
I am also learning new phrases and words in relation to natural hair. Seems like I have been missing out on loads. One that I found interesting was ‘no poo’. This basically means that instead o using shampoo to cleans the hair you just use the conditioner. From what I have learned. Shampoo often contains many harmful chemicals that do more bad than good to your hair and the conditioner can clean your hair just as good. I am not ready to try this out yet, but will make note. Another phrase is a TWA or teeny weenie afro, which speaks for itself. Other phrases are twist out and braid out.
My main aim whilst transitioning is to learn many techniques to help me manage my hair myself.

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