My Purple Canerows

    My aim is to share more pictures of my various hairstyles that I have throughout the year.

    I decided to have some canerow styles done last year by my friend MoNique’s Weaves. She did a fab job as always. My edges have been in a bad state for a few years now and she doesnt braid too tight so I am good. Normally I would want to get single braid extensions done but my edges have been telling me no no no.

    Someone might pick out the fact I have not slicked my edges down but sometimes you need to let them be fancy and free. This style is a high ponytail. Which I also wore in a high bun. I actually love this style and will revisit again.

    Any advice on repairing damaged edges? I am not about to have a hair transplant right now. Its not that far gone.

    Purple Canerows well cornrows to you. Are beautiful don’t you think?

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