Facebook now supports Hashtags

I remember when each and every social media platform had its own unique feature. They have nowadays merged into offering similar features. Twitter has always been a status update with the use of #hashtags to help link conversations amongst multiple users. This feature has been incorporated into newer platforms such Instagram which not so long ago was bought by Facebook. Twitter doesn’t require you to leave a # before a word for their internal search engines to link key words and get trending topics. However it does help.
Now it has come to my attention Facebook has updated its systems to fully support the use of #hashtags.  So when you leave a #hashtag it will be a link you are able to click on and form a unified search that links conversations the same way that Twitter does.
Of course if you do not want your profile to be public update your privacy settings accordingly. Your private posts will not suddenly become public. Expect to see trending topics and other features that accompany hashtags on Facebook.
Is this the way of the social media platforms. What next?
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