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Mary Kay box

Many years ago I came across Mary Kay cosmetics. I went to a product demo at my friends house as her aunts were hosting one there. I hosted a party at my home as well a few weeks later. I did not keep in touch with the consultant due to me having a very busy lifestyle. But fast forward to present day. Me and Mary Kay have become friends again.

For a few years now I have wanted to buy Mary Kay products and tried to find someone in my area who was a consultant. I never got a reply when I enquired. Then one day I was engaged in Twitter conversation with Brown Beauty Talk where I mentioned that I had considered selling Mary Kay. A lady named Tanya advised she could introduce me to the brand. We began talking and I began learning about what Mary Kay is all about today. Due to financial constraints I delayed joining until now.

Mary Kay now offers two ways to join. You can buy the sample kit, which gives you brochures manuals and samples to get you started. Or like me you can opt for the full starter kit. Its like a business in a box. It contains so much literature to read through, accessories such as mirrors, full size products along with samples  to hand out to those who are curious or just want to try before buying. I like the fact that it will give me the opportunity to discuss skincare beauty and makeup with others and have fun doing so.

I am hoping this becomes a successful venture alongside everything else I am dabbling my hands in. I plan to utilise Mary Kay and my Boutique. I am in the process of sourcing new products and actually getting the right items for my boutique. So these two businesses are my focus.

Have you ever tried Mary Kay before? What are your favourite products? If you wish to purchase Mary Kay products through me, do let me know. Curious and want to join my team, let me know.

My Beauty Youtube channel will showcase product demos alongside my usual content. So if you have not already please subscribe.

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