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I saw this comment in the Daily Mail. It is a newspaper I read only to see who they and their readers are slagging off. Sometimes they do have interesting stuff to read about but that is as and when. Beyonce always features in the DM and the reader comments always centre around her skin tone and and the validity of her hair. We know she wears extensions as do many white women. Beyonce even has a video that shows how her hair is canerowed prior to a weave so I doubt she dislikes her hair. If I was a celebrity I would weave it up myself and let my hair be free when I am not working. Oh and the blond hair argument is so defunct. I have black friends whose hair is naturally blond. Not Beyonce blond but blond indeed. Anyway check out the comment. Someone made the comment and someone’s has quoted them and responded. Interesting to see that white people are beginning to appreciate natural hair too but at the same time acknowledge a woman’s choice.
What do you think? I for one note that they always say African American women. I for one am not American. But I understand what they mean.
Comment from Daily Mail article
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  • Reply Jc

    I read the DM for the same reason! lol.

    I don’t entirely dislike this comment, it actually has some thought behind it which is not the norm for the DM

    I do find the use of African American quite strange but I have seen now that there is an increasing audience of people in USA commenting on the pages.

    April 20, 2011 at 2:35 pm
  • Reply Emilienne

    Are we all reading the DM comments for the same reason? LMAO

    Anyway, any features with a Black celebrity on DM and most of the comments will be about their hair being real or not and how light/dark skinned they are.

    I have also noticed in those comments a certain type of jealousy against Black Women able to pull of different hair styles

    May 29, 2011 at 10:20 am
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