Strict Parenting

Just watched a brilliant documentary called ‘The worlds strictest parents’ on BBC Three. Seems I missed the 1st instalment but hope to catch up via BBC i-player.

Basically it is about unruly British kids sent to live strict families. The episode I watched today saw two kids from different families sent to Jamaica. They were immediately given a culture shock.

Sam didn’t seem to be able to handle compliments and words of encouragement. Charlotte was just lazy and didn’t try at all. Of course in the end they started seeing things differently and saw their parents in a different light.

The UK government has a lot to answer for. Some parents are left powerless by such liberal laws that remove discipline in favour of rights. Surely a child needs discipline and rights together. Saying NO to a child should not be seen as a abuse or criminal. That’s why are youth are turning to crime. They are disordely because there is no order in their life.

I know this is quite a small review but I am tired and trying to get to bed ASAP as the children are fast asleep. I can’t wait to see the other episodes. A show on the BBC I can actually enjoy.

I found this interesting article on Jamaica’s attitude to parenting and their views of the UK.

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  • Reply Simply Me

    I absolutely loved this show and hope that the teenagers really did learn something.

    I was sent to JA as a child and went to school for a few months and I will always remember it, because there was no excuses… You WORK!

    I was also bought up by my gran, which I am grateful for now. My sister, is in her teens and had none of the strictness I did and it shows!

    October 6, 2008 at 2:09 pm
  • Reply VOD

    Laws don’t matter. The key is following through – whether it’s following through on consequences or rewards or anything else. This can be accomplished by anyone, not just Jamaicans.

    Just because times have changed, doesn’t mean that following through should become extinct and defunct. As a person who works hands on with teenagers and their parents, seeing parents who don’t follow through is probably the number 1 cause of teenagers getting into trouble (and getting away with murder with their parents).

    And physical discipline doesn’t usually work either, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic to consider.

    October 18, 2008 at 10:02 am
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