Casey speaks about the bullying

So over the past few days I have seen countless videos and discussions about a young man who was being bullied at school. In the original video a group of boys gathers with camera in hand whilst their friend subjects Casey to punches to the face and abdomen. In  a twist of fate the victim turns on his bully lifts him up in the air and body slams down on the concrete floor. The bully gets up in pain limping. As a result the school suspended both boys due to their no fighting policy. However what I would like to know is why they failed to address the bullying that had been occurring on a daily basis. Had Casey not switched on his tormentors the school would have continued to turn a blind eye. Schools have to be pro-active in bullying. Recognise that it is happening and do something about it.

Anyway watch this interview with Casey where he discusses his daily sufferings and why he switched up on that bully.

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