I just don’t know

I really need to reassess the way I view certain people in my life. Over the last week it has been made very clear to me that some well rather certain people do not have my back at all. How hard is it to be a friend these days? Really! Even so called family.  Even non DNA family as in the people who are only family according to law. I just do not know. I am not one for ranting on here but I just have to let off some steam. 
I asked for some important information and all I am getting from two people is tumble weed. It tells me all I need to know. I am done trying to be nice. Someone is going to realise the importance of this information in the the next few weeks. You can’t choose family but you can definitely choose how you interact with them. If someone really knew about getting facts to match they would act on it quickly. I care enough to blog about it but after this I am done caring, Going to watch from the sidelines. I wonder what would Jesus do huh?
The above picture I saw on singer @Rihanna twitter page. About sums it up really.
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