Happy New Year 2010

I am looking forward to 2010 – Pray God showers down His blessings on all my friends and family and even the associates. Everyday is a new day a new start – don’t give up on you. Jesus believes in you and you can make it happen!!!

I initially thought I would do a reflective post but not sure what to say. 2009 has been such a trying year. However having watched on YouTube a TD Jakes sermon on making it through I must say I am glad I did. I started this blog with no idea what to do. Then my friend Alexander Jackman encouraged me to get writing again. So I have used my blog to re-ignite my creativity. It works at times. I pray that my poetry side starts to spring back up. I used to write 3-5 poems a day. So its in me just need to release it all.

Even more so now that I am an avid fan of Twitter I have experienced more of the beautiful and vibrant blogosphere and I love it. Especially you beauty and fashion bloggers. I admire your determination. Also all bloggers who have ever shared the love and to those who follow and comment I am thankful.

As always if you have any suggestions for ways to improve my blog or take it to a new level please let me know. Either send me an email or leave a comment.

May 2010 bring you daily new starts till it happens for you.

Happy New Year 2010 and then some!

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