Umoja ~ The Spirit of Togetherness

On Thursday I quickly made a quick trip to my hometown London as I was being treated to a theatre show. Yes what a treat.  The theatre shows that come to my current town do not really interest me. No Lion King or Color Purple for us. So when my good friend Nai suggested I come down to see the show I thought why not. It was a belated birthday present. So sweet of her. Always nice to have friends who like to see you celebrate life in some form of way.
So I basically travelled down to London on Thursday and within a few hours was at the Peacock Theatre. We were seated at the 1st row at the top. I kind of like these sort of seats compared to lower ground. As you get to see more if not all of what is going on and you do not have to strain your neck. The audience was decent too, no actually they were as full of life just like the actors on stage.
Umoja is a word from the Zulu language which means “togetherness”. It is based in Sophia Town and tells the story of music through the different years of South Africa’s history which has kept the spirit of the people alive and together. It starts off with the traditional songs and drumming and ends with modern African rhythms. I particularly enjoyed the dancing, drumming singing, jokes, and the way the story was told. If I had more leg space I would have got up and danced. The show was given an standing ovation and yep they deserved it. I was definitely satisfied.
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  • Reply Ms.Buki

    It really is a great show. I went to see about a week before you and loved it!

    Good friends are a gift from God! xx

    February 22, 2012 at 12:38 am
  • Reply SoFrolushes

    I so agree

    Always nice to have good friends no matter how near or far. x

    February 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm
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