Jamaican woman cussing on bus

I laughed out loud when I first watched this clip. However I know most people in my family would be disgusted at her behaviour. Yes she is vex because it seems a bigger lady almost sat on her leg, however this is not the best way to carry herself. She is not even in Yard and a gwan so. Most Jamaicans do not behave this way. Though one thing is for sure. When a Jamaican is cussing woiii dem a cuss hard ta raatid. To be honest it sounds far worst than it really is. Though yes it is still bad.

Update: Having shown this to my husband and some born Jamaican friends. They enlightened me a bit. The lady being cussed out is a grown ass woman. The young lady is clearly being disrespectful. She has issues that need to be dealt with. If she was back home in Jamaica the end result would have been different.

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