micro madness

I cannot believe that it has taken me 4 days to take out my micro humain hair extensions. I cut my own hair as i forgot my hairs lenghth. It was just pure madness. Luckily my friend helped me with the last few.

Now i am in style limbo. So my hair was seriously dry that my hubby pointed this out to me. So i gave my hair a pre-shampoo oil treatment. of coconut oil, amla etc. its called Vatika and indian hair treatment 100% natural. it felt nice in my hair i am tempted to use it as a daily pick me up when my hair needs it.

After my micro hell i am considering canerows som much easier to take out. I did try doing my own hair myself but i cant canerow backwards the way i would need to make the style work.

Well as they say practice makes perfect

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    Is your hair very thick?? Micros are not a good choice for thick heads of hair. Have you tried flat twisting your hair instead of cornrows??? They are easier to do by yourself and they look just as well. You just have to wrap them every night to make sure thew stay put. Keep up the good work. It makes it easier when your spouse is supportive too! I let my hubby massage oil into my scalp for me. Its nice, plus he can appreciate what you are going through to learn about your natural hair.

    March 7, 2005 at 9:18 pm
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