Thinning edges and new products

I am having that problem again. I am kind of addicted to the versatility of instant weaves as and when I need a quick style. I have yet to make my hair look effortless. My friend M has been natural for a while now and she rocks her natural beauty in all its glory. She was a fashion student and has that quirkiness that fashion folk have. It spills over to her hair.

My hair does not form a nice fro no matter what I do. But I guess I need to keep trying to do something with my own hair as best I can. I looked in the mirror last week and woah where did that come from. My edges have thinned out and dropped out. Luckily hair is still there so I might be able to save it once again. The maddest thing is that I will be putting my hair in single braid extensions. I should be okay. My hair stylist will go gently on my edges.

The last time I had this problem I canerowed my own hair for a few months and let it be and it recuperated. This time I will be using some product assistant. not sure if it works but will see.

Whilst in London last week I bought some products. I can get carried away and my friends think I am addicted to buying hair but I am not. I just like to stock up when I can so when I want canerows I can have them done or singles.

Anyway products I bought ‘Profective Anti Thinning Circulation Stimulant’. Its thick and creamy. It says to apply twice daily. Well a little goes a long way. Other items I bought were for hold and sculpting and moisturising. They are ‘Organics by Africa’s Best…Shea and Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser and the ‘Olive oil twist and lock gel’….’IC Fantasia ice pomade’ ( recommended by another natural hair sister so I thought I will try)…Dark N Lovely Naturally Calming tress and hold gel.

I have tried both gels and they do hold my hair in a way. The other gels I have bought just slide off my hair but these seem to add moisture and hold at the same time. I wonder if I can use them with water…mmm. I do love the moisturiser. Its not another pink oil that sits on your hair. It does add moisture.

I am interested to know what works for people too. Will update and hopefully get some more pictures soon.

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  • Reply Amina

    oh no…that’s why i don’t do braids or cornrows… i used to get them once a week when i was a kid and by the time i was a teen, my hairline had suffered tremendously!

    what has helped me is staying away from braids and too much pulling.
    I once did a scalp oil with jojoba oil, rosemary and peppermint EOs…

    Qhemet pomades are also great, especially the grapeseed and tea tree….

    amla oil also helps…

    August 28, 2008 at 6:15 am
  • Reply Rachel Peterson

    wonder i hope im making sense.
    .Yes we easily can get natural shampoo (its everywhere..both online and in stores).i luv the company..i literally nearly torn

    when i found out i couldn’t use its medicated hair loss shampoo (cause it has natural herbs which works)…so..i only use it in
    extreme situations like when my hair is too messy.

    I know .finally walk down the streets with my healthy new hairs i use so much shampoo but i have thick hair that’s very currrly.

    Iht9, the thriven will be for my mom, were both heavy users when it comes to this shampoo..our hair just enjoy it up.

    she had a gud success with acacia concinna i mean truly guud results.but the problem with it, it smells great. i literally transformed.

    February 1, 2010 at 10:40 am
  • Reply SoFrolushes

    Some good advice here. My hairline seems better in canerows. What I found was if I go to sleep with no head covering that causes more of a problem.

    I will need to check what Qhemet charge for shipping to the uk to see if its worth it

    February 1, 2010 at 5:35 pm
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