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I have been quite busily trying to do a last minute essay of just over 2,000 words. This is because I have yet to master the art of doing instead of thinking. Hopefully I can start off on a better footing. I will not be making any New Years resolutions. I never stick to them. Instead I plan to continually make certain changes in my life on an on-going basis. I have failed to conquer my weight, however I have not given up. I actually do not like looking at myself in pictures when it is a full body shot. 
My boobs are huge and I just look odd to me. All my friends are kind and say that I have shape and a nice figure etc. Though when you yourself are not happy something has to be done. I used to wake up each morning just to put eyeshadow on. I did this even before an exam back in my uni days. One thing for sure I will take care of me better. I will be reading more inspirational and spiritual books. So if you know of any good ones let me know.
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